Front Models will guide you through this competitive industry and get you looking your best before you sign with a modelling agency. We are here to help you through the first steps of your modelling career.

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Beginners Guide To Modelling


Improvise With Friends

This may seem like an obvious one but until you experience being at the other end of a camera you have no idea whether modelling is actually for you. It’s good to start simple so get a parent, friend or trusted adult to take some basic images of you. If you enjoy the experience and feel confident on camera, then consider pursuing it further.


Get Mum And Dad On Board With Becoming Model

If you’re under 16 and just starting out in the industry, it’s likely that you’ll need accompanying or chauffeuring to castings and jobs. In fact, being the parent of a young model can require just as much work as being a model yourself. So go get a sponge and start washing dad’s car!


Be Mindful Of Your Mental & Physical Health

Becoming a model can be very demanding on the body. It’s important to look and feel your absolute best. In order to do this, the way you treat your body and yourself is important. This includes diet, exercise and overall attitude to yourself and others. Remember to stay true to who you are and not compare yourself too much to the other models.


Apply For Agencies

Make sure you always research any possible agencies thoroughly before you get in contact with them. It helps if you can get in contact with models that the agency already represents so you can see how well they operate. Remember that these are the people that are going to represent you and look after your modelling career.

Modelling agencies and why you need one

At Front Models we are often asked the question, “Why do I need a modelling agency, if I can get modelling jobs online?“

Promoting yourself and finding a legitimate modelling agency can be a daunting task. How do you know who to trust? What are the best markets for your particular look? Where are the best modelling agencies? That’s where our 13 years of experience comes in!

Modelling Types

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Are you looking to become a model but don’t know where to start? The industry is extremely competitive. It takes more than just a pretty face – it requires hard work and dedication to be a successful model.

Become a model in 3 simple steps

Commercial models don’t have to fall into the specific physical requirements of fashion models. They can be short, tall, curvy, thin, old or young, and of any ethnicity. A quick look at a few advertisements will reveal the diversity of ‘Real People modelling’.

The next time you’re flipping through a magazine, watching TV, or browsing the Internet, take a closer look at the advertisements. Take note of what kinds of models are in the ads, and pay special attention to their facial expressions and body language. The more you study commercial models, the more you will be able to recreate their versatility and inviting energy. When you’re working with Front Models, we will guide you through this piece of the puzzle.

Front Models will match you up with agencies that we feel are a good fit for you. Once we have reviewed your images, you stats and a report from the New Face Manager and photographer at Creative Hive. We will then match you with agencies that are currently recruiting your type, size and age. At Front Models, we are constantly in contact with a number of reputable agencies and keep up to date on what they are looking for.

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